Art School.

So, I’m three months in to art school at the University of Toledo, and I thought it was about time to talk about my time there thus far. I’m going to be honest, I went in this semester thinking that it wasn’t going to be that hard. I thought, “I have an associate’s degree in photography and some real world experience, this should be a breeze!” And boy, was I WRONG. It is hard, hard, hard. I didn’t realize how different a university was from a community college. I obviously knew that UT was a lot larger (by about 10,000 students), but I didn’t realize how much larger the work load was. I feel like I’m back in high school! I have homework from every class, papers to write, tests to study for. Let me tell ya, photography school was a lot easier.
Recently, I was thinking about what I said, that photography school was a lot easier. During class tonight, we went to an artist’s lecture by two alum’s from UT’s art school. Both of their lecture’s were about how technology has changed how we do art. It actually was very eye opening. When I signed up for classes this semester, I was like, “why do I have to take drawing class and fundamental classes? I’m going to be a photographer, this is pointless.” I gave so many excuses as to why I didn’t need these art classes rather than just embracing them. In their lectures, they said we need to learn the pre-digital materials before we learn photoshop and the like. I decided tonight that I need to stop whining about these basic classes and just embrace them! I really regret the attitude I had when I first started school. Learning all of these skill sets will only help me in the future. “Skillz pay billz” was what they kept saying tonight. Would you rather employ someone who only has a photography degree, or someone who can draw, paint, take pictures, and do graphic design? Obviously the second one. So, here I am, mid-semester, with a new found take on art school. I can’t wait to push myself past my boundaries and see what I can create.